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"Bets.io resemble the creative person I am in the cage, allowing me to be myself in our partnership. I know we’re going to put on a show together and cook up a storm in our respective industries."

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Bets.io Signs the New UFC Icon

In March 2024, Bets.io signed a long-term partnership with rising UFC star Michael ‘Venom’ Page based on our shared views and interests. This alliance happened organically, thanks to the fighter’s outstanding personality, ambition, and natural charisma, which we highly admire.

The collaboration aims to produce mutual content, address vital topics, share insights, and deliver valuable opportunities for young martial artists worldwide. But essentially, we strive to generate tons of fun for our audiences while exchanging followers and having fun during our time together.

Read on to learn how Bets.io and MVP found their way to each other and what made the collaboration possible.

Who’s Michael ‘Venom’ Page

Real name: Michael Jerome Reece-Page
Date of birth: April 7, 1987

Michael ‘Venom’ Page is a professional MMA fighter from London. He currently trains at London Shootfighters and fights in the UFC’s Welterweight Division while participating in kickboxing, boxing, and bare-knuckle boxing championships. This mixed martial artist is known for his unorthodox fighting style, which stems from freestyle kickboxing. Michael has a professional MMA record of 22-2-0 and ranks high in worldwide ratings - #12 best MMA Welterweight Fighter.

Early Career Path

Most of Michael’s family members are affiliated with martial arts—his parents are kung fu masters, and 4 of Michael’s siblings are kickboxing champions, including his sister Sefena. Thus, it was highly likely that Michael would follow suit. MVP began training at 3 and earned his first title of World Champion in freestyle kickboxing by 12. When he was 13, Michael Page started entering adult competitions. His fighting routine was so intense that he often had to fight up to 22 times in a single day and even more, at some point, to compete in 5 weight divisions. Such a severe attitude led to nine more world champion titles in the following years. Michael was also crowned the British champion over 25 times.

Some people mistakenly assume that the ‘Venom’ nickname was inspired by the famous Marvel character. However, Michael actually adopted this name from his fellow kickboxer, Marvin Francis, who called him so, referring to one of the characters of the 1978 martial arts film “Five Deadly Venoms.” Marvin also admitted that Michael’s strikes were speedy and unpredictable, like the attacks of a venomous snake.

On June 24, 2012, MVP signed an exclusive 18-month contract with the Super Fight League for 4 fights. Later, in 2013, he signed a 5-fight contract with Bellator MMA while continuing to fight for SFL. Once the Super Fight League agreement expired in 2014, Michael extended his contract with Bellator for two more years. The fighter ended with 10 years of experience fighting in Bellator until he joined the UFC in 2024.

UFC Debut

MVP had a fabulous debut in the UFC on March 9, 2024, winning a fight against Kevin Holland. Venom’s charismatic performance left a lasting impression on the audience and fellow fighters. He toyed with the opponent and had fun during the entire fight, communicating superiority like the victory was in his pocket from the very start of the countdown.

Despite the victorious unfolding of the match for MVP and his evident spiritual domination over his opponent throughout the entire fight, he claims he hasn’t shown the best performance. In his interview after UFC 299, Michael told the audience:
"This was almost a tired version of myself. I can’t wait to get to 100% of myself because, seriously, everyone’s in trouble."

On behalf of the Bets.io team and the MMA fans among our players, we highly support MVP and are excited to witness his inevitable success as he continues with UFC.

Our predictions for ‘Venom’ are that he isn’t just another seasonal celebrity but an extraordinary and confident figure born once in a generation with all the potential to change the MMA game. He is unconventional and extravagant—a showman in the Octagon, a responsible figure in the media, and a genuine, open, and easygoing individual in person.

With Michael’s arrival, the UFC gained an extraordinary, one-in-a-generation fighter with an exceptionally fascinating fighting style and leadership essence. It also diversified its viewer base with MVP’s thoughtful yet bold audience. The UFC rising star has already touched on the issue of trash-talking among opponents, arguing that UFC should set boundaries and encourage fighters to be more respectful of each other. This statement earned the MMA society’s support. And this is only the beginning.

Partnership Specifics

A while ago, Bets.io took a similar path as a rising star in the industry, enthusiastic about its central purpose—introducing new angles to the online gambling industry and improving it. However, our path would have been much rockier without the support and faith of our priceless players, sponsors, and affiliates.

MVP’s unpretentious nature, genuine character, charisma, straightforwardness, proactiveness, and devotion to the sport reminded us of our own values. His rebellious spirit is amusing and inspiring, and his exceptional fighting style is undoubtful. Hence, he is the kind of person we want to support and have as part of the team. We are delighted to accompany Michael on his journey via our “venomously” powerful long-term partnership!

Warning: This won’t be a conventional sponsorship or a cold-blooded business symbiosis. That’s not how we do things here at Bets.io. MVP x Bets.io collab is a partnership in which both contribute and impact each other, striving at full speed toward higher tides together.

Meanwhile, we are delighted to welcome MVP’s high-voltage followers and fans to join our platform and encourage our loyal players to get acquainted with this spectacular fighter.

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As we harness the power of Web3 to redefine the gaming landscape, our collaborations won’t be anything you have seen in the iGaming and martial arts industries. Stay connected through our evolving media channels and watch over the Bets.io transformative journey and the MVP x Bets.io partnership unfoldings.

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