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0 Jackpots: Biggest Wins Without Wagering

Every player can randomly hit one of four in-house progressive jackpots. The winnings can be cashed out right away — and yes, no wagering is required!

How to take part?

All you need to do is to play absolutely any game for real money and actively make bets of at least 1 USDT while the jackpot is drawing.

When the drawing occurs?

Jackpots are drawn randomly. They are programmed to be won before reaching the maximum sum (1,000 USDT for Mini, 5,000 USDT for Middle, and 33,000 USDT for Mega). However, the drawing starts only when the minimum sum is accumulated, which is 300 USDT for Mini, 1,000 USDT for Middle, 10,000 USDT for Mega, and 300,000 USDT for Prime Network.

While jackpots are drawing, each bet might bring you a big win!

How do I participate?


Play anything

All games qualify

Play anything


Be online

Make at least $1 bets

Be online


Make a fortune

Every bet can be the winning one

Make a fortune



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Terms and Conditions

1. Casino is running a promotional activity titled Jackpots (hereinafter - Promo), which includes 4 levels of progressive jackpots: Prime Network, Mega, Middle, and Mini (hereinafter - Jackpots).

2. All Jackpots grow progressively, meaning that a certain portion of any bet made in any game in Casino is allocated to Jackpots’ prize pools. No additional expenses are required from the player to participate in the Promo.

2.1. All Jackpots have a minimum and a maximum limit, and it is guaranteed that a Jackpot will be drawn before reaching the maximum limit. The minimum limit indicates the sum that should be accumulated before the Jackpot drawing begins. Minimum and maximum limits for all Jackpots are indicated in the paragraph 2.2. of these Terms & Conditions.

2.2. Minimum limits of all Jackpots are as follows: Mini starts at 300 USDT; Middle starts at 1,000 USDT; Mega starts at 10,000 USDT; Prime Network starts at 300,000 USDT. Maximum limits of all Jackpots are as follows: Mini is drawn before reaching 1,000 USDT; Middle is drawn before reaching 5,000 USDT; Mega is drawn before reaching 33,000 USDT.

2.3. Minimum and maximum limits mentioned in paragraph 2.2. of these Terms & Conditions are indicated in USDT, and Jackpots are credited in USDT by default. However, if your account’s default currency is not USDT, you will get the equivalent of the Jackpot’s sum in your active currency in case of winning.

3. reserves the right to pay out the Jackpot sum in several installments which fit daily and weekly limits, in accordance with Terms and Conditions.


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