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The Bets.io crypto casino offers a vast selection of various games. Thousands of gamblers search for slot machines, cards, and roulette daily. However, a little change is always refreshing. Even the most avid hunter for slots or the most experienced card player might wish to try something new and special from time to time.

Our team has foreseen this desire of our clients long ago. We have prepared a collection of excellent casino games that differ from those you are accustomed to. You can select from more than 100 thrilling gambling options. These titles are exactly what you need if you want to:

  • diversify the way you spend your spare time,
  • enrich your gambling experience,
  • get rid of boredom after you have spent numerous hours at the same table or slot machine.

The gaming options that have been included in the Other Games collection may vary greatly in gameplay and rules. That’s why we have decided to make it easier for you.

In this guide, we have described the most popular and high-demand specialty games and explained how to play Plinko, Bingo, Scratch, Keno, and other titles you might have heard of. We have no doubt that you will find marvelous options to your taste and have a great time staking on these games.


Plinko is a funny and simple game that resembles the arcade games of pachinko and pinball. The game field represents a pyramid of pegs and a row of colored ‘pockets’ under it. When the game starts, a ball falls onto the top of the pyramid and starts to drop down through the obstacles. Finally, the ball gets into one of the pockets, and the winning is paid. If you move the cursor over a pocket, you will see the winning amount and the probability of getting it.

All you need to do is to click and watch the ball going down. As you can see, the rules are as easy as pie. However, although Plinko is fully a game of chance, there are some settings you can adjust to your preferences.

What can you control in Plinko?

To start with, you can select the risk level. There are three basic options: low-, normal-, and high-risk games. It might seem natural to avoid being venturesome while you play for real money. Nevertheless, when risks go up, the stakes are also higher. If you are lucky enough, the prize will pay off and recoup all doubts and risks.

Furthermore, you can choose the number of rows, which also influences your chances and the prize sum. The pyramid contains from eight to sixteen lines on average.

In addition, you set the size of your bet and decide on the manual- or auto-play mode.

In the BGaming title, your progress is represented on the left part of the screen. The time of every round, your bets, payout multipliers, and your profits are recorded there.

Plinko RTP: 99%

Plinko volatility: can be low, mid, or high — depending on the settings you choose


Keno is a straightforward gambling game, which is just perfect for the players who are eager to test their luck. The gaming process is somewhat like a lottery, but you choose the numbers on your own.

Your goal is to guess the right numbers from several dozens of options. When you guess right, your bet is multiplied. You can bet on several cells, but every next stake reduces the previous multiplier. However, the maximum winning increases.

Let’s explore how to play Keno by Spribe. Here, we can click on up to 10 numbers out of 36. If we choose a single number and guess it, our bet will be multiplied by 3.49x. If we select two numbers, and one of them is right, our stake will be multiplied by 1.5x. If both hit the point, the multiplier will be 4.92x.

Keno RTP: 97%

Keno volatility: medium


When you launch Bingo, several cards with numbers written on them are handed out to you. The average quantity of the cards is four, and you can change them before the round begins. After you click on Start, numbered balls are drawn randomly, and the corresponding cells on your cards are marked.

The aim of Bingo is to get combinations of the marked numbers. The combos are usually depicted at the top of the screen.

In some cases, one or a couple of cells miss, and you can buy additional balls and try to complete the winning grid. When you play Just a Bingo by Belatra, a Magic Ball can drop. That means you can select any number and finish the combo of your choice.

Just a Bingo RTP: 94%

Just a Bingo volatility: medium

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are lottery games that are familiar to all gamblers. The rules are as simple as ABC. You buy a ticket, scratch its surface, often with a coin, and hope that you get a winning number or combination.

The online version is absolutely the same. You can select a card, ‘scratch’ it with your mouse, or click on the corresponding button and see the outcome right away.

Let’s try to play a couple of games. If we try our luck in the Scratch Match title released by Evoplay, our aim will be to get the numbers depicted at the top. We can select the price of a cell and whether we want to reveal 10 or 20 numbers. If we are lucky and get a required number, our bet on a cell is increased by the indicated multiplier. The latter is set randomly at the beginning of the round.

Scratch Match RTP: 97.25%

Scratch Match volatility: medium

There is another version of the game. Scratch Dice by BGaming is a perfect example of it. You purchase a ticket for the fixed price and scratch it. If three identical numbers are revealed on the dice, you get a win. In case you get a Street, i.e. three consecutive numbers, a Gold Ticket is given to you. Try your luck once again, this ticket pays out more!

Scratch Dice RTP: N/A

Scratch Dice volatility: N/A


Have you ever heard of the Crash game? It’s an exciting gaming option where you try to stop a small tank in time before it crashes. If you are a fan of this title or just searching for something unusual, you will definitely be interested in Aviator.

It’s a specialty game created by Spribe. A red plane takes off and gains altitude and the multiplier. The further it flies, the more the bet multiplier grows. Your possible winning increases every millisecond, and you can cash it out at any moment. You are allowed to make up to two stakes every round. However, don’t contemplate for too long, the vehicle can disappear in the skies at any time. After it’s gone, no one gets prizes anymore.

In the table on the left, you can view your results, compare them to other players’ ones, and see the most fortunate gamblers of the day, month, and year.

Aviator RTP: 97%

Aviator volatility: low-to-medium

Space XY

If the previous title is just what you need, don’t hesitate to play Space XY provided by BGaming as well. This game is very similar to Aviator, but now we go up even higher. We board not a plane, but a rocket! Don’t forget to cash out winnings before it passes the point of no return.

Here, you can view your own results only, but the game has one significant perk. You can set a multiplier at which your winnings are automatically paid out.

For example, we decide on a 1.5x point. When the rocket reaches this mark, we get our prize. The bad news is that we could have won more. The good news is that we haven’t missed the right moment or lost our bet. However, if we try it once again and the rocket accelerates and flies away at 1.2x, it will be a slip.

Space XY RTP: 97%

Space XY volatility: medium

Roll the Dice

Even if you are a newbie in the world of gambling or exhausted from making up strategies, Roll the Dice by Evoplay will be a child’s play for you. Set a number, put the dice into the mug, and shake it. All you need to do is guess if the sum on the dice will be more or less than the number you indicated.

The principle is the same as when you gamble in Hi-Lo. There, your goal is to guess if the next card is higher or lower than the one face up.

By the way, a Risk Game is available in the title released by the Evoplay developer. A player chooses three die sides and shakes the cup with a die in it. As you can guess, the aim is to get one of the chosen numbers as a result of the throw. You may continue throwing the die up to seven times in the gamble round unless you lose.

Dice RTP: 98%

Dice volatility: N/A

Heads or Tails

The rules of this casino game are as easy as they are in real life. Make your bet on whether the coin will stop Heads or Tails up and check if you are right.

In the BGaming release, you rotate a Bitcoin, which makes the game look appealing and up-to-date.

Heads & Tails RTP: 99%

Heads & Tails volatility: N/A

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports games are an ultimate alternative for punters who cannot stand waiting for the results. You can bet on several sports types, including football, horse racing, greyhound racing, and others.

For example, let’s enjoy Instant Football provided by Leap Gaming. We can punt on the same markets we usually do when we open a sportsbook.

After bets are made, we can watch the action unfolding or skip the match and go straight to the outcome.

The result is seen right away. You don’t have to shiver with anxiety for several days or get stuck to the screen for over an hour. Just check if you are right and the prize is yours.

Instant Football RTP: 91-93.5%

Instant Football volatility: N/A


Play the famous Minesweeper game for real money! Look under the tiles, collect your winnings, and be aware of land mines!

There are some variations of this game. In the Mines title by Spribe, your mission is to collect stars and avoid bombs.

Mines RTP: 97%

Mines volatility: N/A

In the BGaming version of Minesweeper, you walk step by step on the grass, which covers explosive traps.

Minesweeper RTP: 97.8%

Minesweeper volatility: N/A

Four Aces

Sleight of hand and no fraud! This Evoplay release reminds us of street performances, stray tricksters, and conjurers. This game requires not only luck but also attentiveness.

You are asked to select a suit. Four cards are shuffled face-down before your eyes, and you aim to find the card with the suit you have selected. You can choose up to three suits to increase your chances of winning, but the prize multiplier will reduce every time you add one more option.

Four Aces RTP: 96%

Four Aces volatility: N/A

Space Cowboy

Retro game fans will appreciate the Space Cowboy game developed by KA Gaming. It’s a good old shooter many gamblers used to play. Select the difficulty and try to kill alien enemies! The more formidable your target is, the more money you can win.

Space Cowboy RTP: N/A

Space Cowboy volatility: N/A

Final Note

Due to this brief, clear, and comprehensive explanation of every game, you don’t have to waste your time finding out how to play different titles. Although there are some more original releases, lots of the games have gameplays similar to the ones we have described above. Skip the stodgy process of learning the details and proceed to practice. Go ahead and stake on something new and special!


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