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This corner of our cutting-edge Internet casino is dedicated to live tables. We feature hundreds for any taste, skill, and gaming background.

For our new guests to live casino games, we have included all the information they might need to get a head start in this iGaming sector. The selection we have for you will certainly give you chills. But it's too early to lay all the cards on the table. First things - first.

What are Live Casino Games?

Live Casino titles are all the same classic tables you are used to at a land-based casino. Yet, this option allows you to play live casino games online - without traveling anywhere far - and win real money. Every player will have a high-standards live gaming experience with professional casino croupiers, tokens, cards, and breathtaking excitement from their home.

In such live casino tables, players don't place their bets against a lifeless RNG engine. Instead, a live dealer does all the spinning and card dealing. The table's outcomes unfold in real time at a specialized studio and stream in HD for gamblers to watch as they wager.

Some Live Casino games even allow you to interact with the croupier and other round participants while they place their bets.

Simply put, Live Casino games are a perfect cocktail of the wild Vegas casino vibe and cozy home relaxation. If that's what you're looking for, is your bartender.

Types of Live Games

Live table games are not limited to poker. There are many sorts of them and their international interpretations under every name. Besides, software providers regularly introduce modern variations of classic tables for adventurous gamblers desperate for fresh air in their betting agenda.

Let's zoom in on the popular types of live casino games featured in the Live Casino room.

Live Blackjack

This is a live table game from the "twenty-one" family. It's the most widely played title globally and the first with a live adaptation. Here, a human croupier supervises all the actions of players and shuffles their cards on camera from a specialized studio. Like at a physical casino, the live dealer will place your and other players' cards on dedicated slots on the game table.

Each card has a unique microchip, which the table will detect to display the player's hand on their screen without exposing it to other players. In this sense, blackjack live casino games are more secure and fair than in-person versions since no one can peek into your cards.

The rest is the same as in the original game - players make real money bets and act according to the original rules.

Blackjack Basics

The goal in a blackjack round is to beat the croupier's hand without going over 21. If your cards score higher, you are Busted, and the live dealer takes your bet. Face cards count as 10, aces are 1 or 11 (whichever accounts best for the hand), and the rest equal their face value.

First, every player makes an independent bet. Then, each gambler and the online live casino croupier receive 1 face-up card from the deck. After that, all the players get their second face-up card. The dealer keeps his second card face-down till the end of the game. If your initial hand scores 21, you win 1.5 of your bet from the croupier and exit the round. Otherwise, you must choose whether you want another card from the deck.

When all the players have made their choices, the live dealer reveals their cards. If they total below 17, the casino croupier takes another card; if equal or above - they don't. In case the live dealer Busts, all the participants of the round win sums similar to their bets. Otherwise, only the player with a higher hand doubles their wagered money. The others lose their bets to the dealer, and a new round begins.

Live Roulette

What's most attractive about this live casino game is that it is super simple to play, and you barely need to know the rules to win.

Roulette Rules

The concept of this casino game is that the player has to guess a number, a range of numbers, color, or whether the lucky number will be odd or even. The more concrete choice the player makes and the lesser their odds, the more they will win from a successful bet.

Although there are particular strategies you can employ to make conscious decisions in the casino game, a good intuition will often be enough to enroll in a live roulette round and win.

After the gambler places their bet, the croupier will spin the wheel and drop the ball. Multiple cameras will broadcast the process from different angles. The number where the ball stops is the lucky one, and the players who guessed right get their winnings.

These are the rules of the classic live casino roulette. There might be additional specifications in the game's international and contemporary variations. roulette games are available on mobile devices and larger screens.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino table games. And since it is a strategic casino card game, you must know its rules. Specifications in different versions vary, and participants should plan their strategies according to the edition they're playing.

Baccarat Basics

The player's goal in a live baccarat is to guess whose hand of cards is closest to 9 - the banker's or the player's.

Baccarat accommodates 1 to 14 people. Players make their bets against the casino croupier independently at the beginning of the round by placing their chips in the Player, Banker, or Tie slot. Then, the croupier deals 2 card sets face-down to the Player and Banker slots.

Regular cards are worth their face value - from 2 to 9. Face cards and ten count as 0, aces - 1. The hand closest to 9 wins. Two-digit sums lose their left digit, and the remaining integer becomes the player's score. If the Player's hand totals 5 or less, they get one more card. If the Banker scores 0-2, they also get another card. If one of the parties obtains a score of 8 or 9, none get a third card.

The payment for a winning Banker or Player bet is 1:1. But if a player bets on the Banker and wins, the casino keeps 5% of the bet. The repayment for a lucky Tie bet is 9:1 or 8:1.

In baccarat games, players can turn the odds in their favor using systems, aka structured strategies, for making conscious decisions. These help take some control of the game, which primarily relies on luck.

Live Poker

The live dealer version of this card game is a perfect alternative for online casino enthusiasts who want to play against real people instead of artificial engines but could be better at bluffing and controlling their emotions.

Basic Poker Rules

Before you play live casino games of this type, you must learn the 10 winning combos in poker from least to most valuable: High Card, Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

Texas Hold 'em Poker is the most common casino table game of this kind. Therefore, we will review the rules of this game in particular.

First, players bet their Ante (small buy-in bet) to play the live game round. Then, each participant receives 2 cards face down, and the casino croupier lays 5 more cards in the center of the table. Every player checks their hand and chooses whether or not to bet. You can Fold (not play the round), Check (match the bet), or Raise (add more money to the betting pool). If a player refuses to Check a higher bet, they have to Fold. If everyone but one Folds, the remaining player wins the bet.

With more than one Check, the casino croupier will reveal 3 cards - the Flop. Once players see them, they should predict what winning hand to make, considering there are 2 more unrevealed cards. Then, gamblers make their bets again, and the live dealer reveals the Turn (fourth card). The players place wagers again, and the croupier exposes the last card - the River.

The player has to make the highest combination using his hand and the cards revealed by the dealer - either 1 of their own and 4 of the dealer or 2 and 3, respectively.

Live Gameshows

Such shows are much like those broadcasted on TV. They run in studios with multiple cameras and all the attributes required for the gameplay. The rules of live gameshows are intuitive and don't require strategic planning. Moreover, such live casino games usually feature a theme, and the scene's decorations and the host's clothing support the entourage.

All in all, live gameshows are more dynamic, engaging, and interactive due to their spectacular setting, lighting, and sound effects. These aspects of the casino game boost the player's excitement and create an irreplaceable live online casino gambling vibe.

The most popular genres players will encounter among Live Casino gameshows are Big Wheel, Bingo, Live Slots, Lotto, dice games, and the instant-win Lightning Games. The last are fast-paced live roulette, baccarat, and dice, where gamblers predict the results of multiple rounds for a chance to win an impressive prize.

Some live gameshows by renowned providers also include augmented reality bonus rounds with sophisticated 3D graphics.

Other Games

Besides the traditional European and American online live casino games, includes popular Asian tables like Sic Bo, Fan Tan, Dragon Tiger, and Keno and products combining multiple plays like Bac Bo (baccarat and Sic Bo).

It's no secret that Asians love to play live casino games online. These titles have unusual rules and shifts compared to what most casino gamblers are accustomed to. Such live casino games often involve dice, boards, beans, and other gaming equipment to make gambling more engaging and fun. Therefore, these exotic live casino plays might appeal to you no matter where you come from.

Why Play Live Games at is a respectable online casino, featuring only established and certified gaming authorities, ensuring our players have a fair and satisfying gambling experience comparable to authentic in-person play. The live table game providers list counts over a dozen names, including iconic ones like Pragmatic Live, Ezugi, and Evolution, who have earned a brilliant reputation globally among Live Casino game players. These software developers supply the venue with new releases that comply with the highest standards of modern gambling.

You won't usually find such a palette of international table games, interactive shows, and contemporary interpretations of the classic gambling traditions represented on, even at physical casinos.

Besides, when members play live casino games, they often enroll in grand tournaments by their providers. That is an extra chance to win a fortune.

Finally, with, players can take their games to any corner of the world, wherever online gambling is legal.

Most Popular Live Casino Games

We have said a lot about the all-inclusive Live Casino library of If you won't take our word for it, below are a few trending games we recommend you play at live casino to begin your gambling journey with us. We have listed representatives of every live game type described above accordingly:

  • Blackjack C by Atmosfera - the classic live table game by a reputable provider that is among the hottest games in the casino.
  • Roulette Live by Evolution - the luxurious traditional live casino roulette available via many devices. The game features many conveniences, including Autoplay, live chat, and statistics, to help players make strategic bets. At, you can also play live casino games similar to this by the same provider - Lightning Roulette, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, and many other international variations.
  • Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play Live - baccarat for beginners, where Dragon and Tiger take the positions of Player and Banker. Both are dealt only one card. And, like in the original baccarat, a gambler has to choose - Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. This live casino game by Pragmatic Play has an impressive 98.4% RTP, and players can win up to 15 times their bet.
  • Casino Hold 'em by Ezugi - a game by a famous Live Casino software developer featuring the most popular type of poker but with more spectacular payouts. In this game, players can boost their winnings with Bonus bets or the Casino Razz Bonus. The RTP of this game is 97.84%. The maximum payout in the game is x100.
  • Crazy Time by Evolution - a Wheel of Fortune sort of live casino game with 54 segments, high volatility, and a 96.08% RTP rate. The idea behind this show is that the player has to bet on segments on the wheel. If the stopper ends up on the gambler's lucky number, they win a prize. Also, Crazy Time includes multiple bonuses: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and the rarest Crazy Time. In this gameshow, players can win up to 100,000 times their initial bet, including the bonuses.


It's not unusual to doubt RNG-operated table games, and many beginner players worldwide have had this feeling. Although all the tables on are certified and 100% fair, we understand your concern. Live casino games will provide a more transparent online casino experience. We have included plenty of them on for strategic gamblers who prefer having an authentic online casino venture and overseeing the process.

So pause, look around the Live Casino library, choose a few games you like, and play in live casino with no limitations.


  • What is the difference between online and Live games?

The difference between the games from the Table Games and Live Casino sections is that random number generators operate the foremost. Professional casino croupiers host the games of the second type live at a studio, and all their actions and the processes in the Live Casino games are broadcast to players' screens in high resolution.

  • Can I play Live Casino on mobile?

Yes, Live Casino games adapt to mobile screens without losing quality and features, meaning that gamblers will have a decent gaming experience on whichever device they use and wherever they find themselves - as long as online gambling is permitted there.

  • Are live dealer games rigged?

All the live dealers are professionals who ensure the games are played by their rules. Their activity is recorded by multiple cameras broadcasting to participating players worldwide. Finally, the game attributes, like cards, have special chips installed for the software to read and transmit the results to players. These measures ensure every participant has a chance to win and there is no cheating.

  • Can I play Live games for free?

No, since these plays employ real casino croupiers who work on salaries. Besides, the quality of the video stream might suffer if the server is overloaded with too many viewers. For these reasons, Live Casino games don't typically feature Demos or allow bonus wagering - the provider is not interested in non-paying players.


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