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PFL – #2 MMA company worldwide

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Dynamic Friendship That Will Flourish

The two international figures seized their partnership on October 12th, 2023. and PFL agreed to collaborate on creating engaging content for MMA and its fans worldwide. The brands will work together on the upcoming PFL Africa project promotion, featuring the "Road to PFL Africa" documentary series.

On its end, the iGaming and sportsbook platform will provide exceptional behind-the-scenes and insider info for sports betting enthusiasts around the globe who are thrilled to see outstanding African fighters emerge in a global arena.

The iGaming and sports betting platform is also delighted to support PFL's ambitious goal to become the first true international league in sports, with regional leagues spread on six continents by 2026.

Meanwhile, PFL will help grow its audience and presence in the sportsbook industry by promoting it via its channels and future events hosted in Africa.

Introducing PFL

Professional Fighters League is the #2 MMA company globally and the only one with a sports-season system, where, like in other sports, individual fighters compete on a "win and advance" basis in regular season, playoffs, and championship matches. Currently, PFL has four live fight authorities: PFL League Season, PFL Challenger Series, PFL Europe, and PFL PPV Super Fights. The company features fighters from 20+ countries, 25% of whom rank in the top 25 list worldwide. By 2026, the Professional Fighters League aims to found its franchises on six continents around the globe.

Regarding viewer experience, PFL employs innovative technologies for top-notch broadcasting and convenient PFL SmartCage real-time betting. The company streams matches in 140+ countries via the most popular broadcasting platforms.

Star Return of Ngannou

Recently, PFL announced their strategic partnership with Francis Ngannou, the world's greatest MMA fighter and the first African heavyweight world champion. Ngannou sees this as an excellent opportunity to continue his MMA fighting career in the Super Fight PPV Division, where he will be starring in mid-2024, competing against a global MMA fighter who will be chosen during the season.

Moreover, Francis will join the PFL Global Athlete Advisory Board, being the first active fighter to serve there and represent the interests of PFL fighters according to their fighters-first statement. Finally, he will collaborate with the Professional Fighters League on their PFL Road to Africa launch.

Road to PFL Africa

This project is an expansion of the PFL Europe campaign that was a huge success earlier this year. The PFL's new partner, Francis Ngannou, will be the Chairman of PFL Africa and its equity owner. The continent's premier MMA league and Ngannou himself aim to give ambitious African fighters a chance to become PFL Africa champions and fight their way into the PFL Global seasons.

PFL Africa events will stream live during primetime in the continent's key countries.

Star Fighters at PFL

One of the keys to the PFL's global success is its exceptional ability to spot and attract remarkable fighters. So, for a proper introduction to the league, we want you to meet its heroes.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier

The legendary PFL fighter from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is also known in the cage as "The Canadian Gangster." Aubin-Mercier is a former Canadian national Judo team member who joined PFL and became its first Canadian champion. The fighter has impressive stats and an overall record of 20 wins and only 5 losses since 2011. Oliver Aubin-Mercier has become the 2022 PFL Lightweight World Champion and maintained his leadership in 2023 with a record of 4-0-0. He will be fighting against Clay Collard for the 2023 PFL Lightweight World Champion title.

Larissa Pacheco

She is an outstanding women's lightweight fighter from Belém, Brazil, with 22 victories and 4 losses since 2012. From the start of her career at PFL, Pacheco earned the titles of 2022 PFL Woman's Lightweight World Champion and 2019 PFL Woman's Lightweight Runner-Up, along with other spectacular achievements in the ring. Larissa Pacheco is finishing the 2023 season with a record of 3-0-0, advancing her to the PFL Women's Featherweight Championship match against Marina Mokhnatkina later this year.

Sadibou Sy

He is a former kickboxing world champion from Stockholm, Sweden, who joined PFL in 2018. Sadibou Sy is currently known as "The Swedish Denzel" in the fighting cage. The fighter has a career record of 16-6-2 and 2022 PFL Welterweight World Champion, 2021 and 2019 PFL Welterweight Semifinalist, and 2018 PFL Middleweight Semifinalist titles. In the 2023 PFL season, Sy has a record of 3-0-0, transitioning him to the PFL 2023 Welterweight Championship against Magomed Magomedkerimov.

Brendan Loughnane

He is the 2022 PFL Featherweight World Champion from Manchester, England, who has won 13 KO fights. Loughnane has an overall career fight record of 27-5-0 since 2021.

Amanda Serrano

She is an undisputed featherweight boxing world champion from Puerto Rico, also known as Amanda "The Real Deal" Serrano. She has a 46-2-1 boxing record with 30 knockouts. No other boxer has ever achieved her level in MMA and Jiu Jitsu. In 2023, Serrano signed a contract with PFL alongside Francis Ngannou. She is making a comeback into the cage with an MMA record of 2-0-1 and will compete in global events within the PPV Super Fight Division. The dates of her debut and opponent are to be announced in the future.

Claressa Shields

A combat sports superstar from Flint, Michigan, USA, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and three-division boxing champion, Claressa Shields, aka "The GWOAT," signed a multi-year contract with PFL, among other starfighters. Shields aims to be the first fighter to hold championships in boxing and MMA simultaneously. Her comeback to the PFL SmartCage is scheduled for the 2024 fighting season.

Final Words of Appreciation

On behalf of, we are especially touched by the trust provided by PFL and are very excited about our partnership. Also, we are honored to be only one a handshake away from the greatest heavyweight fighter in MMA history, Francis Ngannou. is well prepared to contribute to making this collaboration evolve into a powerful friendship.

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